Many women in committed relationships complain that their males don’t pay attention to them and don’t cater to their sexual needs, but the men actually find it hard to understand what they are doing wrong. For them, the actual penetration and ejaculation is what the sex is all about. For women, it’s different.

Food for thought

First, you need to do some foreplay. If you watch some adult movies with the hottest pornstars, you’ll see that all of them include a good amount of foreplay scenes. You need to do that because your female needs to get wet first.

Second, don’t just fixate on that actual penetration. Women like having fun in bed. Do some teasing, role-playing, pillow-talking.

Third, get out of the bedroom. Having your wife very day in the same missionary sex position will get old fast.

Try love-making in the car, in the forest or in the tent. These novel activities will result in the production of oxytocin, dopamine and adrenaline in your blood, making you much more energized and joyful.