Many couples start feeling bored and discontent just after a couple of years into their relations. If you want to be happier and more sexually satisfied, you need to make sure that you girl feels loved and adored. In return, she will grind you real good every time.

What to do?

First, watch some romantic adult movies with the hottest pornstars and learn about new sex positions you can experiment with together.

Second, do something adventurous. This will pump adrenaline into your bloodstream, resulting in more lust toward each other.

Third, role-play. You will be amazed just how many restrictions and phobias will be gone whenever you get into somebody else’s skin.

Imagine that your sweetheart is a naught schoolgirl or do some BDSM sessions with your submissive girl.

Fuck her in the butt in the prison or make her suck your dick with the eyes blindfolded. Pleasure each other in new and surprising ways.

Don’t just wait for things to self-correct on their own as they rarely do.