French Maid costumes are considered sexy not because of the service provided by maids, but rather because of the very intimate and private relationships French Maids had with the young women they were hired to tend after. French Maids were often hired to serve as a private bedroom maid to young women who were being introduced to society with the intention of finding a husband.

These young women often confided to their private maids, alone in the boudoir behind closed doors.

The French Maids hired to care for the women were expected to be beautiful as well, complementing the appearances of the young women when seen together in public. French Maid costumes are designed after the fashions worn by the maids.

The sexual and intimate conversations the women would have alone has led to many fantasies as to what was being discussed. Did the young women experiment first on each other, and when the French Maid would help to dress and undress her mistress, did she ever let her fingers or gaze linger? Also hot in the fantasy of the French Maid is the history of maids who became lovers to the courters and husbands of their mistress. French Maids had a reputation of being more skilled and saucy in the bedroom, and their reputation often lead to sexual indiscretions in the man’s favor.

Secret Wishes Sexy French Maid Costume

Secret Wishes French Maid Costume: The Secret Wishes French maid costume is flirty and fabulous. The lace trimmed black petticoat with white dots is includes, adding sexy length and shape to the dress. The material is touchable and soft, with a laceup style corset top accented with white detail. A cute white satin apron is attached. This sexy French Maid costume includes the headpiece. Pick up a feather duster and start cleaning your man’s house and prepare for more than monetary reward.

Naughty Francesca Sexy French Maid Costume

Francesca, Naughty French Maid Costume: Sexy French maid costume for the naughty maid who can’t keep her hands to herself! The perfect French Maid costume for any girl who loves to tease. Not every maid is submissive – this Francesca French Maid costume is flirty, with peek-a-boo skirt hem and laceup design bodice cups. Ribbon and lace detail throughout, with attached apron and headpiece included. Wear this French maid costume and make more mess than you clean.

Parisian Provocateur Sexy French Maid Costume

Parisian Provocateur, Sexy French Maid Costume: Dress as a sexy Parisian French Maid, flaunting generations of French romance and a reputation of skilled sexual maneuvers.

This is the French Maid costume for the girl who can’t say no. Show off amazing curves and luscious assets with this stretch knit dress.

Hem length is adjustable, so shorten as desired, and tie off with sexy black ribbon. Floral lace overlays the dress, with black and white apron. Ribbon and trim headpiece, wrist cuffs, and jeweled choker are all included. Use the flirty white feather dust to prep dirty spots for cleaning.